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Government web portal design challenge

Are you a Rwandan web developer? Are you creative?  Are you passionate about technology and new ways of communications? Here is a challenge and an opportunity for you: Tell and show us how you think the Government should improve its online presence to better communicate.

The background 

The Government of Rwanda has put considerable efforts in digitizing its services and public information to become more efficient, cutting unnecessary processes, reducing human interaction and save cost and time for access to information and services. With the Irembo platform, were Government services are offered online coupled with 95% of the country now covered with 4G LTE, quick, reliable and affordable internet, citizens no longer need to spend time going physically to local and central government premises to look for basic services.  The same has also been done for ease of access to information, where apart from the Government of Rwanda’s website (www.gov.rw), all ministries and affiliated agencies, embassies and local government institutions are present online, through websites and social media.

The problem 

There are many information systems, websites, and databases, yet one of big challenges still facing the ICT sector in Rwanda is digital content: timely updated, diverse and relevant. Looking specifically at government websites, they differ in terms of designs, search optimisation, mobile responsiveness, and other technical aspects that may hinder the user’s experience. It is imperative to rethink the harmonisation and optimisation of the online presence and communication as One Government, so as to make information and services from all government institutions easily accessible online through smart and user friendly digital platforms.

The challenge 

The Ministry of IT and Communications in collaboration with the Rwanda Information Society Authority and the Office of the Government Spokesperson have launched a contest to redesign a state-of-the-art, single one-stop-shop, user friendly and mobile responsive web portal for access to information and services from the Government and all public institutions.

Scope of the assignment (what we expect from you)

The contestant(s) shall submit a 2 page proposal and a link to a prototype.

  • The 2-page project proposal: The contestant(s) shall conduct research on a more creative way of enhancing government communication online and present a maximum two-pager project proposal indicating the applicant’s own assessment of the Government of Rwanda’s (central and local government) online presence and communication, key issues and proposed solutions.
  • Link to a prototype: The contestant will send a link to  a web template (front end) for the Government of Rwanda portal and how it will link to ministries, agencies and local government entities, as well as the web management framework

Who can participate 

Any Rwandan individual, group of people or company with proven skills and experience in web development.

Selection procedures

  • A selection committee will select top 10 best projects whose owners will appear before a panel for presentation.
  • The panel of judges will announce 3 top best projects from which one best project will be picked for implementation


  • The winner shall receive 5,000,000 FRW prize. The two runner ups will also win 3,000,000 FRW  and 2,000,000 FRW respectively. These top 3 winners will continue working with RISA on further web development projects.
  • All the 10 preselected teams will receive a participation stipend of 500,000 FRW.



The proposal will be sent via email to thechallenge@risa.gov.rw with copy to thechallenge@ogs.gov.rw not later than 30th October 2018 at 23:59.





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